Experimentation with materials, glazes’ colours and shapes.

Nuove Forme uses tailored pottery’s manufacturing and unique textures. Its history goes back to a region close to Florence, Lastra  A Signa and Signa’s area, an area well known for soil production.
The production is varied and unique. It comes from Alvino Bagni’s cultural and artistic expertise. Knowledge he passed down to Gianfranco Ghiretti and his granddaughter Maria Chiara.
Dexterity and technique that stems for decades of artist collaborating. Artists such as: Enzo Borgini, Remo Buti and Michele Santonocito, worked first with Alvino Bagni and after with Nuove Forme.
All of this translates into unique, modern design for pottery’s production, along with re-creation of pieces from the historical collection or tailored made based on client’s outline.

The new form boasts a lasting cooperation with local craftsmen who create gypsum and lathe models. Nuove Forme implements and expands on these models to guarantee the reliability and quality of the semi-finished product.
The stages of glazing, decoration, firing and packaging are directly on company premises.


Over the years Nuove Forme took over a small market share interested in limited edition’s products, along with a special attention for the product uniqueness and in the possibility of customizing the creative process according to a customers’ creative taste.


Gianfranco Ghiretti, Maria Chiara Ghiretti, Paolo Nerucci

Pottery is an ancient art form which draws from years of experience and a dedication to learning new techniques and production methods.

The ceramic artist developed his skills with passion and creativity in order to create new and unique pieces.

The slowness, which characterize our pottery production, and the experience necessary that develops after years and years of experience, is sometimes lost in the age of rapid production.

Nuove Forme strongly believes in the value of time. Art evolves and gets a better as the artist feels an idea arising and taking shape. For us there’s a love for art, raw materials and the respect for soil.


We believe in the special value of a new creation perfected with attention and care for every detail, but also in little imperfections which reveals humanity and uniqueness.

We succeeds in satisfying the needs of the single interior designer as well as big design’s companies all over the world.

Amongst our clients are included big sector brands as Global Views, Cabana, Studia A, CB2, Crate & Barrel, B&B Italia and many more.