Vase Madras
ABA – 8


Vase with embossed stripes and shiny colored transparent glazes on raw matt black background.
cm 31 H x 16 D

This small vase hides a very complex production technique starting with the
hand-made vertical embossing, obtained with the use of a comb-like tool then completed by the pattern and the choice of mixing these two elements in order to create something unique, resembling the texture of a fabric.
The Bagni archive has provided this stunning design that we have re-interpreted with a nex chromatic palette.
The design is made with a hot wax resist (an ancient technique that enables a major precision in the drawing if compared to standard wax resist) and then it is filled piece by piece with colored shiny transparent glazes according to a pre-defined sequence.
After firing a black patina is given overall to underline the beauty of the pattern.