“Credo in quello che dico, faccio ciò in cui credo.” V.Hugo


Design: Simona Cardinetti


cm 32 H x 22 Ø
Blu petrolio


Simona Cardinetti

Simona was born in Como and studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti, specializing in interior design. She started working in television as a set designer for events such as the Venice Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival.

She also collaborated as an image consultant with forniture and design companies, while still being a set designer for trade shows and other events. She currently works as an interior designer for restaurants, hotel and private homes and as a product designer, creating contemporary ceramic pieces of functional decor.

Interview with the designer

The Project

What did you like of the idea of interpreting the Riccio pattern?
I work as interior designer and I collaborate with interior design and architectural studios. I mainly deal with styling. For this reason I love working with colors, fabrics and different materials that I combine together. The first time I saw the Riccio vase from Nuoveforme I have appreciated the texture that has an ancient but also contemporary feeling. Moreover I have appreciated the incredible aesthetic and artistic result of the manual technique.

I have started to imagine a big variety of forms to be contaminated with this texture. Then, as usual, I have started to clean the redundancy of forms and I have come to this almost masculine look, made more gentle with the use of light colors and Riccio pattern.At first glance Hugo loos very simple and linear but it turns into a strong figure through the use of the decorative elements of Riccio pattern. the name Hugo well interprets its aesthetic.

Je crois ce que je dis, je fais ce que je crois.
I believe what I say, I do what I believe in.

V. Hugo