The name of the collection, Prima, goes back to family heritage and link. This is what this collection wants to represent. A collection that is a statement of the Nuoveforme origins and features the DNA of the original Alvino Bagni pottery.

In this collection we have selected some of the most popular themes of the original Alvino Bagni pottery with the aim of representing its richness and variety of textures and patterns.

Our manufacturing process is totally hand-made in full respect of the recipes of the origins that we have kept and maintained in our archives.

In this collection that summarizes the potentiality of Nuoveforme, we have combined craft and tradition with research and design, in terms of glazing techniques and shapes.

It is a way to maintain alive a rich and brilliant history with a new approach that we have also applied to our packaging that is made with totally natural and recyclable materials.

Our aim is that of showing the possibility of doing business with an ancient approach, a philosophy that rejects the rules of global mass production.