This project starts from an idea of the designers Simona Cardinetti and Christoph Schnug.
The base concept of this project is that of taking back and reinterpreting some iconic shapes from the Alvino Bagni/Nuoveforme archive.

The shapes of these objects, designed by Alvino Bagni and Remo Buti across the fifties’ and early eighties’, immediately caught the attention of the two designers for their surprising contemporaneity. Urban architecture contaminations, animal subjects, playful shapes and archetypes were the sources of inspiration for the original shapes of these objects.

Duo Cardinetti/Schnug decided to revitalize the original subjects by means of the application of a new chromatic code that brings back the freshness and modernity of the original pieces.
The new color clothing and the combinations that the two designers designed
for these objects contribute to underline the original expressive force of these shapes.